ICE ATTACK cooling-wear and gear maintain an
amazing cooling sensation using perspiration and airflow.


FREEZE TECHICE ATTACK cool-printing technology
Applying cool printing to cool-touch fabrics produces triple cooling effects from vaporization heat, touch, and print. This is the perfect ICE ATTACK cooling-wear fabric created specifically to counteract extreme heat.

An amazing cooling sensation is maintained
by using perspiration and airflow

The lining is covered entirely in special ICE ATTACK cool printed fabric comprising erythritol and xylitol.
When this print-processed fabric absorbs the moisture (perspiration) secreted from a person’s skin,
the endothermic properties of the product lowers the temperature of the fabric, which creates a cooling sensation.
Moreover, the cooling sensation can be further intensified by air flowing over the fabric.
トリプル冷感テクノロジーイメージ図 トリプル冷感テクノロジーイメージ図


a range of comparative cooling sensation tests

[Cooling Performance]

When FREEZE TECH-processed fabric
reacts to water, the temperature decreases!
Test details: A hotplate was set to 33°C (artificially recreating the skin’s surface temperature). Pieces of ordinary cool touch fabric and FREEZE TECH cool-printed fabric were placed on the hotplate, droplets of water representing perspiration were sprinkled onto the pieces of fabric, and changes in the temperature of the fabric were thermographically recorded.
(From cooling tests using thermography conducted on October 31, 2016)
The FREEZE TECH cool-printed fabric achieved
a cooling sensation of 1.4°C lower than ordinary cool touch fabric!
Test details: Using fabric samples folded in half as test specimens, temperature sensors were placed in the center of each specimen inside the folded cloth. Approx. 0.2 ml of water was dripped into the center of each specimen (over the sensor) with the surrounding air at a temperature of approx. 34°C and the temperature of the damp areas of the specimens was measured for 10 minutes.
(From the cooling performance evaluation of cool printing conducted on January 7, 2016)
Cooling sensation enhanced
even more by applying airflow!
Before application of airflow
After application of airflow
Test details: A hot environment was created (environmental experiment chamber [auxiliary chamber] at a constant temperature of 28°C and relative humidity of 60%), and conditions were recreated by two healthy males acting as experiment subjects continuously carrying out specific exercises on a stationary bicycle for 20 minutes. When the airflow was applied 15 minutes after the start of the experiment, both the temperature and relative humidity inside the clothing were significantly lower than immediately before the experiment began. (From the Report on the Heatstroke Zero Project’s Comparative Experiment of FREEZE TECH and Summer Underwear Performance under Hot/Exercise Environments [2019])

[Washing durability performance]

Cool printing performance continues
even after repeated washing! (As long as the cool printing remains affixed to the fabric.)
Test conducted on March 1, 2021

Even after 50 washings, temperatures decreased a maximum of 0.8°C
The cool print remained in place, maintaining
the fabric’s cooling performance!

Test details: After the fabric was washed 50 times, the fabric samples were folded in half as test specimens, and temperature sensors were placed in the center of each specimen inside the folded cloth. Approx. 0.2 ml of water was dripped onto the center of each specimen (over the sensor) with the surrounding air at a temperature of approx. 34°C, and the temperature of the damp areas of the specimens was measured for 10 minutes. (From cooling performance evaluation of the cool printing conducted on January 7, 2016)


“We want to Keep People Cool”
In recent years, abnormal heat and heatstroke during the warmest time of summer have become serious issues.
We want to support people who work under harsh conditions!
This was our objective in launching the “We want to Keep People Cool” Project. We had people in various occupations actually wear FREEZE TECH and then interviewed them.
How effectively was FREEZE TECH utilized by a diverse range of occupations? Read on to find out.


Product-development projects conducted jointly with partner enterprises
At FREEZE TECH, we work together with collaborators, OEM, fabric sellers, processing sellers, and various other enterprises to jointly develop products and have had numerous achievements in a wide range of fields.
If you are interested in undertaking a joint project to develop FREEZE TECH products, please feel free to contact us here.

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Over the past several decades, climate change from global warming has impacted our lifestyles and natural ecosystems in a variety of different ways. For example, one health impact caused by global warming that has become an especially serious issue in Japan is heatstroke. In recent years, the number of heatstroke patients has increased as the number of extremely hot days during the summer months has increased. In particular, this phenomenon is particularly affecting people when working outdoors, playing sports, and cooking on kitchen stoves. In addition to countermeasures and preventative measures for heatstroke, such as increasing water and salt intake, FREEZE TECH personnel hope to help prevent heatstroke through our innovations in clothing and products that adjust the temperature. In future, we will continue carrying out research to develop even better cool wear fabrics with the aim of creating products that will both astonish and satisfy customers.
  • 熱中症ゼロへ

    Participation in the Heatstroke Zero project

    Promoted by the Japan Weather Association, Heatstroke Zero is a project aimed at reducing the number of people who develop heatstroke and reduce the number of deaths among heatstroke patients to zero. As a cooling product intended as a heat countermeasure with sustained cooling effects, FREEZE TECH has been participating in the Heatstroke Zero project since 2018. (Cooling inner shirts and pants only)
  • 子供アスリート応援

    Support of child athletes

    Children are said to be especially susceptible to heatstroke, and extra care is necessary when children play sports under hot environmental conditions. Accordingly, we formed a partnership with the VIVAIO Soccer Club to create original FREEZE TECH products in children’s sizes based on our desire to provide an environment where children can safely become absorbed in sports. The child athletes belonging to the club also wear FREEZE TECH clothing.