heating—Astonishing warmth


Astonishing warmth
realized by electric
heating technology—
Ten-second heating*

wearable heater-wear
From 12 V vehicle battery-powered motorbike models to 5 V mobile battery-powered models that can be used at any time—outdoor work, everyday wear, anywhere—HEAT MASTER products meet a diversity of needs for protective measures against cold weather.
*After connection to the power source, products heat up in 10 seconds to a level where the wearer can feel the warmth.
  • 写真:特殊なカーボン
    Special build-in
    carbon fiber heater
    Products utilize Xtream Comfort Tech (XCT), a carbon fiber heater that realizes 10-second heating after being switched on. Unlike conventional heating wires, XCT is highly resistant to bending and twisting, ensuring little discomfort when worn.
  • 写真:スイッチ
    Fast temperature adjustment
    with the flip of a switch
    Each time the power switch is pressed, the color changes from red (high) to orange (medium) to green (low), which means the temperature is adjusted to suit the environment. (The jacket temperature can also be adjusted using the wireless remote control.)

12 V battery connection model

写真:12Vバッテリー接続モデル 写真:12Vバッテリー接続モデル

12 V battery connection model

  • 12 V Heat Inner Jacket

    This jacket effectively warms the areas of the body that most readily feel the cold. Compatible with motorbikes’ power generation capacity, the jacket is available in two models, each warming different-sized areas.
  • 12 V Heat Gloves

    These gloves warm the fingertips and the backs of the hands, which directly handle the motorbike. Four models are available ranging from leather to inner gloves. The gloves can be used alone or in combination with the jacket.
  • Wireless remote control

    Supplied with an inner jacket. Attach the remote control to the handlebar of the motorbike and switch the jacket on and off or adjust the temperature with one touch.
  • Battery harness

    This cord will extend the power source from the vehicle battery.
    Because the battery position and electricity sharing method differ depending on the type of motorbike, choose the battery harness that is appropriate for your motorbike.
  • 12 V Heat Inner Pants

    These pants specifically warm the thighs and shins, which are exposed to the wind when the motorbike is moving. Featuring an excellent fit, these pants are cut for easy movement even when worn under slim-fitting trousers.
  • 12 V Heat Toe Warmers

    These warmers heat the toes, the extremities that are especially vulnerable to the cold. Worn over socks, the warmers are used in combination with the Heat Inner Pants (cannot be used alone).
  • 写真:接続
    Simple and easy connection enables use
    from the day of purchase
    This product is easy to attach. All you need to do is attach the dedicated harness to the motorbike’s 12 V battery and plug-in the appropriate fuse for the item you are using. Anyone can obtain warmth from day one!
  • 写真:ライディングに適したデザイン
    Design tailored to
    Adopting patterns that consider rider movements and cutting patterns that consider the wearer’s movements while riding have been incorporated into the clothing. With excellent fit, this design is perfect for motorbike riders.
5V Heat Inner Vest W001

Mobile battery
connection model

Installed with a heating system, this device supplies electricity from off-the-shelf mobile batteries. Although the heating time is limited since it depends on the capacity of the mobile battery, the device is cordless, meaning that there are no limitations to riding position. The device can also be used for off-road and other aggressive forms of riding as well as when the rider is not even on the motorbike.

5 V Heat Inner Vest

While maintaining quality, the components of this entry-level model vest have been pared down to the minimum with only the design and features necessary to enable ease of use at an accessible price.
The vest is equipped with a dedicated inner pocket for storing mobile batteries and keeps the rider warm even when not on the motorbike. Also recommended for outdoor leisure and commuting.

<Customer’s existing mobile battery>


5 V Heat Inner Vest W001

While maintaining quality, the components of this entry-level model vest have been pared down to the minimum with the design and features necessary to enable ease of use at an accessible price.
There is a heater in the back of this lightweight inner vest.
Enabling easy movement with no bulkiness even when worn under outerwear or work clothes, this vest is perfect for leisure or outdoor work activities during the cold winter months.

<Customer’s existing mobile battery>

5V Heat Inner Vest W001